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關於都市叢林 我們想說的是...



Located in northern west region Jämtland, Tännforsen is the largest waterfall in Sweden.
Its impressive scenery constantly changes with seasons.
no.79 Tännforsen, inspired by overcoming trekking to a majestic waterfall and the calming serenity that comes with the sound of rushing water. Let the scents of mint, jasmine, and schinus molle fresh up your mind and soul. 

還記得瑞典傳統仲夏慶典的熱鬧嗎? 距離哥特堡外不遠的布倫島(Brännö)中世紀以來便是北歐地區水手和酋長等地重要戰略位置,是充滿維京文化的島嶼。

Brännö is a lively island in Sweden famous for its traditional summer dances that celebrate Midsummer. Quaint roads without cars and small wooden houses showcase its old-fashioned charm. Escape from the bustle and noise of big city life with the scent of sea aster flower. You're here to be free of stress and irritability in order to "deep relax".

高海岸(Höga kusten)是瑞典波的尼亞灣海岸的一部分,因保留有完好的冰河時代地形而聞名。2000年,聯合國教科文組織將其列入世界自然遺產。都市叢林系列no.106沿著高海岸漫遊,飽覽遠山與海洋的風情萬種,薰衣草和玫瑰香氣引你進入幽靜的島嶼,淡雅的麝香喚醒你對自然的渴望。生活需要來點挑戰?高海岸壯麗的懸崖,會是你自我提升的途徑。

Höga Kusten is part of the coast of Sweden, a spectacular beauty with its mountainous landscape, sea plunging cliffs, and serene islands covered in forest, UNESCO listed this gift from Ice Age nature as World Heritage.Inspired by its breathtaking views, take in scents of lavender, rose, and musk to whisk you away to a calmer place where all that matters is you and mother nature.

斯圖爾湖(Storsjön)是瑞典境內第五大湖泊,湖泊東岸的福洛色島(Frösön)自1635年以來即盛傳水怪出沒。 來到斯圖爾湖畔耗上一整日釣魚、騎單車,或翻開一本書找自己。把想像力和專注力寄情於水波之間,此時,都市叢林系列no.15的綜合野莓混著香草、肉桂葉是帶你潛入湖泊的秘訣!不過,傳說湖泊裡居住著一隻神秘水怪,放鬆之餘請當心!

Storsjön is the fifth largest lake in Sweden. Emerce yourself in a good book, set out on a hike, or enjoy a day of fishing – but watch out for the Storsjöodjuret, Swedish Folklore’s mysterious Great Lake Monster! The scent of wild berries mixed with notes of vanilla and cinnamon which will invigorate your senses to improve focus and reduce frustration of mundane life.

凱布訥山 (Kebnekaise)是斯堪地那維亞山脈北部的一座山峰,位於瑞典北部的拉普蘭地區,靠近挪威邊境,為瑞典和薩米的最高峰。標高2097m。

Kebnekaise from Sami is the highest mountain in Sweden, now at 2097m. Famous for its natural beauty and beautiful churches which can be seen while venturing up the mountains. Our Kebnekaise scent breathes in fresh mountain air and a wild openness of feeling. Unwind after a long day through the relaxing scent of camphor known to give you a golden slumber.

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